Supplier of rare medical plants and animals venoms for the homeopathy, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic industry and resarch.
I am the specialist for the products also in small quantities.

If you searching parts of plants in dried or fresh quality (also preserved in ethanol), venoms, preserved animals or other special products please let me know.

My suppliers and connections are all over the world and I would like to find what you need as soon as I can. I can not give you here my prices, because it is very difficult for calculate in small orders with the freight charges and other. Please contact me for the special offers.

If you need some products which are not in this lists or under protection of endangered species please let me know for ask my suppliers and also for the special papers (like CITES).



Albert Stephan
Export - Import
Medical plants / Animal venoms
Landauer Str. 53
D - 66482 Zweibruecken

Phone: +49 (0) 6332 981 203
Fax: +49 (0) 6332 981 204
email: albert.stephan@net-stephan.de

VAT Reg.No.: DE 189 207 791


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